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and they then raided the game to make sure that it continues both economic and political power is to be concentrated there. my book is critical of democrats in some ways. if you want to know why mitt romney pays a scandalously disgustingly low tax rate need to talk to some democrats. people i like and admire like chuck schumer the democrats became the party of wall street in many ways and walked away from their legacy and there is a reason that the people stopped trusting them to look out for the interest of working people and the middle class people. >> the politicians pander to the middle class will do here is the middle class tax cut but it is a shrinking number of people and we have the very rich and the very poor. to touch on this in the book but what impact do you think the occupy wall street movement is having now a year later as opposed to when it began with such fervor? >> i was very inspired and moved by occupy wall street. i was very inspired by all-inclusive it was unlike some of the protests of the 60's the cops in some cities were horrible, but by and large the protesters went out of t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1